Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II has been close to our family for the past year. My son did a research project about the Pope. And it continued all year! We had a huge biography sitting in the living room; pictures of the Pope stacked on the dining room table; YouTube videos of the Pope playing all evening. We listened to Peter practice speaking with a Polish accent and we watched his 10 minute performance "at least a thousand times" according to Peter's sister!

The amazing thing is that the Pope touched us all deeply. When we heard about a mother who was diagnosed with cancer, we offered to pray to blessed John Paul for her. We began asking for his intercession in many things.
From studying the pictures of the Pope, we see a handsome young man who slowly became stooped, gained weight and began to have slurred speech. You can see pain and frustration written on his face. Yet, he continued to appear in public. He didn't hide himself away, or even slow down all his travels, just because he was suffering from Parkinsons Disease.

I decided to create a painting in honor of this Suffering Servant. (Why not? It fits right in with the growing stacks of books on the man all over our house!) Here it is. I hope it will inspire you. This painting is partly 3D...the hands and crucifix come out from the canvas.

Also Peter's performance is now online here.

If you are interested in my artwork, send me an email. Thanks.

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