Twisted Virtue

Slowly yet steadily it has happened. “Good” has become “bad.” (But that’s not the end of the story….help me create this story!)

The virtues and standards of our faith, have been twisted by the modern world. Virtue is being mocked, or simply discarded. In the news, in classrooms and in the entertainment industry you can find examples of the mockery…

The response to Humility is “Don’t be a doormat.”
The response to Sacrifice is “Stand up for your rights. You deserve better.”
The response to Obedience is “Question all authority. No one is in charge of ME.”
The response to Chastity is “Why be repressed? It’s time to enjoy yourself.”
The response to Charity is “The government owes us. I am entitled.”
The response to Diligence and Hard Work is “Why bother? Just do the minimum.”

Virtues are seen as passe. Yet, these virtues are the very basis of a civilized society. They are crucial to decency, respect and growth as a culture. These virtues are the road to genuine love. So when these values are twisted to become meaningless, we are in BIG trouble as a culture and a nation.

I know virtue still exists. I can give examples of virtuous people...but first we must look at what is happening. Share you thoughts. Have you seen basic values being twisted?


  1. Did you write this post or did I?

    Hmmm ... I've often thought as you, but you wrote it better than I would have.


    God bless.

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